Whynter 11,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

As it runs at 11,000 BTU, it conserves energy and saves cost without undermining its heating power and quality performance. It also retains a compact and mobile profile which allows you to save space on your area. Some customers, however, find the compressor a bit louder than it should though it is tolerable. Overall, it is a portable air purifier which would save you in the scorching heat! Whynter is engineered with 11,000 BTU that accommodates spaces and rooms up to 350 square feet. While it provides an efficient cooling relief, it may maximize its heating power to regions where there are a lot of humidity and warmth; a variable temperature that a number of units can't solve. Whynter Portable air conditioner helps eliminate the warm spots in your house or office at a really handy manner. Since it's portable and equipped with caster wheels, then you can just roll it room to room, or in which it needs cooling. You can adjust the settings there on the unit or directly across th…